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Are you searching for an adoptee or birth family with no results?


As a long-time search angel who has helped hundreds and hundreds to reunite, I realize that many of us randomly select a search to help with, based on available time and finances. You may have experienced this yourself when someone is helping you and then things come to a dead end.

Many of us searchers don't have the money to help as we'd like to. We can not afford the out-of-pocket expense that it requires to help reunite families. Therefore we have teamed together and are offering to do a No Find No Fee Dedicated Search for anyone who wants our help.  The total is a flat $200.   This includes $25 initial (non returnable) enrollment.  The balance of $175 is paid only if the subject or immediate family is located to cover the expense of the search.

This fee was decided on to make it easy on your pocket book and still allow us to help reunite families to cover the cost of searching the databases, making telephone calls, etc. You would probably invest the same amount or much more over time and may not realize it.

Remember, you do not pay the $175 fee unless the party you are searching for or their immediate family is found.   If it is determined that the person is deceased, contact information for the decedent’s immediate family will be provided and the fee does apply to cover the expenses incurred.

Can we really find your family member(s)? Read some of the Testimonials at The Adoption Database.

If you are interested in having a dedicated search performed, please read the Terms & Conditions and then click SIGN UP on left. By submitting your search record, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions as set forth.

Feel free to email us with any questions.